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Oral-B Precision electric toothbrushes and brush heads are among the most popular oral care products of the brand. These electric toothbrushes draw inspiration from professional dental cleaning tools, hence, the round brush head design. These brush heads feature end-rounded bristles that help them provide better teeth whitening and healthier gums than a manual brush. Oral-B Precision series toothbrushes provide a better cleaning along the gum line, up to five times better than manual toothbrushes. Check out our exclusive category on FactoryOutletStore, where you can buy Oral-B Precision series electric toothbrushes and replacement brush heads online right now.

A precise way to a great clean

If you are still using a manual brush, we bet it's time to switch to an electric toothbrush. And what's better than the #1 dentist-recommended brand Oral-B? Oral-B precision electric toothbrushes offer you better dental cleaning and healthier gums. They have round brush heads with end-rounded bristles that prove to be better at cleaning teeth and removing plaque. Besides, they also provide a better cleaning along the gum line, helping you have a thorough dental cleaning. Precision series toothbrushes also provide preloaded brushing modes to offer more precise brushing methods based on your preferences.

Precision brush heads for a perfect cleaning performance

Oral-B Precision series electric toothbrushes' promising cleaning and innovative brush heads make them the brand's most popular oral care products. The toothbrush heads' unique design, inspired by professional dental cleaning tools, allows the bristles to work on each tooth individually. They surround each tooth and perform their dynamic brushing actions that result in a highly efficient tooth-by-tooth clean. Hence, as the name suggests, these electric toothbrushes offer a perfect and precise cleaning performance every time. At FactoryOutletStore, we have a curated collection of Oral-B Precision toothbrushes and replacement brush heads to buy online. Shop now!